Construction of new switch box for 315 kW frequency converter

The Van Meer Drive Service team designed and built a new switch box for one of its customers in a mere two weeks. The frequency converter was originally only due for an overhaul, but because of its critical nature it was completely refurbished. However, the cabinet had to be transported to Austria as a rush order, so planning and timing became critical factors for the Drive engineers.

Our customer is a specialist in underwater solutions for the maritime and energy industry. One of their installations was to be used for an order in Austria where a water reservoir had to be dredged. Before starting the work they called in Van Meer to carry out a thorough mechanical and electrical overhaul to guarantee reliability.

The installation was first subjected to a mechanical inspection: two 75 and 250 kilowatt electric motors were overhauled and an 18 kilowatt brake motor was refurbished. At the same time our Drive Service team checked whether the installation was electrically in good working order. The check revealed that the frequency converter (315 kW) was due for replacement. The converter indeed controls the most critical part of the whole installation: a 250 kW booster pump. Its infallible operation is therefore crucial.

After consultation it was decided to replace the converter with a new ABB ACS880 drive. Considering the start of the order in Austria was approaching, our Drives team had to get down to work straight away. In less than two weeks the engineering and the construction of the new switch box had to be complete.

  • 23 March. Agreement of the customer, start of engineering of switch box and control panel.
  • 30 March. Drawings approved, preparations started up and material ordered.
  • 31 March. Start of construction of the new switch box at the Van Meer Drive Service Centre.
  • 04 April. Switch box is completely finished and ready for final inspection by the customer.
  • 05 April. Final Acceptance Test (FAT) by the customer with approval.

img_5696 img_5697

The cabinet was made ready for transport immediately after agreement and supplied to the customer by Van Meer. The whole project was completed and approved within the required period. Our customer could transfer the installation to Austria in good time for the work to start.



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