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Danfoss Service Partner

Cooperation between Van Meer and Danfoss ensures a higher service level in the Marine & Offshore segment.

Danfoss and Van Meer conclude the first official collaboration to provide preventive and responsive services for maritime and offshore applications within the Benelux.


Service and maintenance is in Van Meer's DNA. The organization has been active for more than 30 years in providing preventive maintenance and troubleshooting on both air- and water-cooled frequency controls and soft starters in low voltage version.


Life cycle support on Danfoss drive installations 

The strategic partnership between Danfoss and Van Meer offers customers in the Benelux the opportunity to rely on Van Meer as a certified Danfoss partner. Given the many years of experience with frequency converters, Danfoss has given Van Meer the confidence to provide specialist maintenance services on their products. The focus is to provide services with a long-term vision throughout the entire life-cycle of Danfoss installations.

On-site services 24/7

Van Meer offers options for commissioning, maintenance, retrofit and exchange as well as warranty handling with support from Danfoss. Thanks to the partnership, Van Meer has the availability of spare parts, new products and tools to support customers.

The deployability of Van Meer's service team guarantees customers that they will be helped at short notice in the event of unforeseen calamities. In addition, preventive maintenance can be planned flexibly, as there are often only short periods of time available for this in the Maritime segment.


Knowledge exchange and training

In order to provide the best possible service to customers, Danfoss and Van Meer are strongly committed to transparent knowledge exchange and training. For example, Van Meer's service team is regularly trained to meet the requirements set by Danfoss to be able to perform high-quality specialized services.


Future perspectives 

Van Meer sees further developments in drive technology within the maritime sector in the coming years. For example, more and more ships will be electrified, so that frequency converters will play a more prominent role.  The partnership between Danfoss and Van Meer therefore strives to guarantee a high service level and to strengthen the market position.

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