Preventive maintenance of soft starters and frequency controls

Preventive control and maintenance of soft starters and frequency controls extends the working life while significantly reducing the number of failures and defects.

Diverse range of frequency controls and soft starters

Van Meer has the expertise and know-how to preventively maintain different types and makes of frequency controls and soft starters. This concerns larger capacity air- and water-cooled applications as a low voltage design.

Looking 10 years ahead with your drives

As a system integrator and service provider we offer full advice on the maintenance of your soft starters and frequency converters. The preventive maintenance we carry out will not only increase availability. We also look at the remaining life cycle of the application and offer further advice on the required maintenance investments. This all covers a period of at least 10 years.

Preventive maintenance plan for frequency controls and soft starters

Different makes and types of frequency controllers and soft starters are inventoried prior to drawing up a preventive maintenance plan. Then an initial inspection and deep cleaning are planned. This comprises the basis for determining the frequency of maintenance, with the coordination of which parts must be preventively replaced during the life cycle of the application. You then keep your machinery up-to-date along with greater maintenance efficiency and higher performance. A preventive maintenance plan also reduces risks, lowers costs, and increases the sustainability of the installation.

Preventive support at the workplace and on location

Preventive maintenance can also often take place on location to save time and costs. Our Drive engineers have the expertise and tools required to service just about any frequency control or soft starter on location. If the drives arrive at our workplace for maintenance, they are tested loaded on our test field before being brought into operation again. In this way we can guarantee that the application will soon again be operational in the field.

Infrared inspections of electrotechnical control cabinets

Van Meer carries out periodic controls of electrical installations and rotating machines on the basis of the NEN 3140 standard and by means of thermographic measurements. Controls take place at various levels in the control cabinet, with the examination of the asynchronous load in three phase groups and any overloading of wiring and groups in the power distribution unit. The early identification of electrotechnical interference is a very important point for attention during the measurements. A thermographic infrared camera can quickly identify poor connections in electrotechnical components and technical installations, and preventive action can be taken to minimise unplanned stoppages.

Are you looking for preventive maintenance for all your frequency converters and soft starters? Van Meer can help you to draw up a long-term plan and carry out maintenance to ensure an optimal life cycle. Would you like more advice?


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Manager Field Services

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