Field Services

Our Support service extends to the whole of the Benelux and even Europe. Should you require support at your location we will be happy to assist.

Field service and support – 24 hours a day/365 days a year

Besides a professionally equipped workplace, at Van Meer we also dispose of a series of service vehicles to enable maintenance on location. The Field team is also available 24/7 with a 24-hour service so maintenance work can also be planned for weekends or public holidays. Do you need support today? Contact our troubleshooting service.

Support on location

The activities we carry out on location include the assembly and disassembly of rotating machines, alignment, balancing, vibration measurement, infrared measurement, HV measurements, as well as sliding bearing, pump, fan and gear wheel inspections.

Support during shutdown

During planned shutdowns Van Meer can be called in to fully take over various rotating equipment for overhaul, repair or the installation of new equipment within a relatively short turnaround time. Our people are SCC-certified and have experience in various industrial sectors. Besides systematically and safely completing the activities, our specialists also offer advice for improvements while we enjoy proactively seeking solutions together with the customer.

Are you looking for support on location or during a shutdown for matters including the removal and reinstallation of rotating machines, alignment, balancing, etc? Our specialists can assist you here.


Dion van der Klaauw

Manager Field Services

+31 (0)166 60 20 10


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