Gear box inspections

A gearbox requires the necessary scheduled maintenance if we want the equipment to work optimally – regular inspection is certainly no luxury

Gearboxes inspections on location

Van Meer advises a full electrical and mechanical investigation during a gearbox inspection. The condition of the different components is controlled and assessed to be able to provide the right advice and the necessary support for a gearbox overhaul, maintenance or repair.

Visual gearbox inspection

With a visual check of the equipment as a whole it is advised to first clean the gearbox along the outside before opening the inspection panels. A planetary gearbox is indeed often set up in a soiled environment, and the likelihood of soiling when opening the inspection panels is then a risk. Then the housing must be checked for corrosion, oil leaks and other damage (e.g. overheating in certain places). When removing the pressure bleeder an oil sample must be taken for analysis. This analysis will give us a first picture of the condition of the internal parts.

Inspection of gearwheels for no-load contact pattern

After the removal of the inspection panels, one tooth of a gear wheel is thoroughly cleaned and marked with a special removable coating. Then the gear wheel is turned so an impression is left on the adjacent gear wheel. The impression helps us with the analysis and gives more information on the condition of the gear wheels.

Vibration & spectrum analysis of gearboxes

A condition measurement is carried out on the different components: on the gearbox and the electric motor. There is then a check for mechanical (starting) damage such as wear, bearing damage or alignment faults.

Electrical measurement of an electric motor

The electrical measurement of the motor identifies electrical anomalies in the electric motor part:

  • Deviation in phases, insulation value within tolerance
  • Earth faults
  • Presence of moisture in the electric motor

Control of gearbox alignment

At the start of the inspection an as-found alignment of the motor with the gearbox will be carried out. In so doing, aspects including the wearing of coupling, seals and rubbers can be detected, as can any loss of energy due to increased friction. When the equipment is presented for overhaul, the as-found alignment can be used for correct positioning and alignment again (as-left).

Gearbox inspection result

The full inspection creates a clear separate picture of each item of equipment (electric motor – shaft – coupling – gearbox) and of the equipment in its entirety (gear unit). Depending on the results it can be specifically determined what concrete action is required to have the equipment work optimally and reliably as a whole. This can be alignment, an overhaul or a repair at our workplace. A clear report with photos and explanation is also always supplied and discussed.

Would you like a gearbox inspection or overhaul carried out?


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