Infrared measurements

Thermographic measurements increase productivity and optimise fire safety in many industrial environments such as power plants, transmission and distribution installations, petrochemical factories, metalworking companies, paper mills and all other production processes.


Hotspots are hot places which can originate in control cabinets, cable routes, distribution and technical installations and rotating machines. These hotspots with increased fire risk can cause the failure of a certain part, equipment or installation. A serious fire hazard may also result.

Periodic measurements with thermography

Periodic preventive thermographic measurements in critical environments clarify the condition of your technical installations such as control cabinets, cable routes, distribution and technical installations and rotating machines and preventive action can then be taken. The costs of an unexpected incident, fault or failure in electrotechnical installations or rotating machines can be high. This is why Van Meer advises the quick detection of these problem situations.

Infrared thermography as a diagnosis for preventive maintenance

A temperature difference of just a few degrees can already have a major influence on the functioning of a production process. At component level in control cabinets or technical installations as a whole, we know that a connection exists between the temperature and the expected working life. The rule of thumb is that a temperature increase of 10 degrees leads to a reduction in the working life and lower efficiency/capacity of an electrical installation, part or rotating machine by approximately a half compared to when purchased. The consequence is that you have to invest in new components, machines or installations earlier.

It is particularly mechanical and electrical parts which tend to become hotter as their physical condition or electrical properties deteriorate. Infrared radiation increases as components start to function poorly. Detecting faults that are invisible to the naked eye by thermography enables corrective measures to be taken before expensive system stoppages occur. Van Meer scans various installations, rotating machines and structures with its infrared cameras before converting the thermal images into a quality analysis.

Accordingly, thermographic inspections allow checks of groups and control cabinets, as well as rotating machines and installations for poor connections, overload and overheating, quickly and for a relatively low cost.

Reporting and preventive action

Thermography means it is possible to use a temperature indication to identify which vulnerable points in installations, control cabinets and rotating machines require optimisation, or which parts constituting a fire hazard parts must be replaced. After a thermographic measurement you receive a clear report with images and advice on optimisation or action for carrying out preventive maintenance.

Do you want to use infrared thermography for the detection of hotspots or as a preventive tool?


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