Sleeve bearing inspection

Inspecting sleeve bearings requires a minimum of effort with a maximum outcome to identify damage at an early stage

Sleeve bearing inspections on location

Van Meer can check the condition of sleeve bearings in high voltage motors on location.

Visual inspection of sleeve bearings

When carrying out a thorough inspection, the upper and lower bearing shell and the labyrinths are visually checked and controlled for contamination or soiling. An oil sample is taken for supplementary analysis. The bearing surfaces and clearances are remeasured to check their tolerances.

Endoscopy for medium or high voltage electric motors

An endoscope can be used to inspect the inside of a medium or high voltage electric motor or generator without the machine having to be disassembled. An inspection with an endoscope can look at the stator or rotor winding, or establish the presence of moisture or leaks and other damage.

Vibration & spectrum analysis medium or high voltage electric motors

A condition measurement of a medium or high voltage electric motor or generator can ascertain whether there is mechanical (starting) damage, including wear, bearing damage or alignment faults.

High voltage motor electrical measurement

The electrical measurement of the motor identifies electrical anomalies in the motor part. A LEAP test can be used to assess the condition of the stator winding insulation in medium and high voltage electrical machines.

  • Deviation in phases, insulation value within tolerance
  • Earth faults
  • Presence of moisture in the motor

Sleeve bearing inspection result

The full inspection creates a clear picture of each item of equipment. Depending on the results it can be specifically determined what concrete action is required to have the equipment work optimally and reliably as a whole. A clear report with photos and explanation is also always supplied and discussed.

Would you like a sleeve bearing inspection on your rotating machine?


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