Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE)

Van Meer operates according to an established management system for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment (QHSE). Our complete business process forms the basis of this system with standards such as NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015, SCC (2008/5.1) and NEN-EN-IEC 60079-19:2011 also incorporated. Attention to Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) is an attitude that we as a company integrate in all our services, also in our customer service. All procedures are standardised and implemented according to the awarded certification. This general philosophy is converted by the management and supervisory staff into annual proposals for improvement that are included in an action list during the annual management assessment and followed up by the QHSE Manager.


Quality assurance system

Quality is an absolute policy priority at Van Meer. To us quality means satisfying the requirements and desires of the customer by means of efficient work processes and effective organisation and planning. The starting point for all aspects of the business operations is: “it can always be done better”, including by:

  • Technical expertise
  • Insightful and transparent organisation
  • Quality awareness among all employees
  • Compliance with arrangements
  • Effective improvement management

We gauge the effectiveness of our management system by means of internal audits, customer satisfaction surveys, quality improvement reports and project evaluation.

Work & the environment

Besides quality we devote much attention to working conditions and the environment, two components that are inextricably bound to the quality of the whole organisation. This means that everyone takes responsibility for occupational health and safety and the environment, and each individual makes the prevention of accidents, incidents and damage to production and the environment a priority. Everyone’s safety must be guaranteed, including that of our suppliers and subcontractors. We achieve this by fully informing them about our company activities and work methods.

Van Meer attaches importance to all employees having sufficient and clear information, facilities and resources to result in a higher level of safety, health, welfare and less absence due to illness. The ultimate aim is to ensure continuous improvement.

Quality system ISO 9001

Van Meer is ISO 9001:2015-certified for all components. Van Meer as a company can also demonstrate the following extra certification:

  • NEN-EN-IEC 60079-19:2011 (IECEx 03)
  • Sterkin
  • SCC* (2008/5.1)

All technicians and engineers at Van Meer have the following certificates:

  • NEN 3140 certification
  • Personal SCC certification

Health & safety

SCC       The safety check-list for contractors is a certified check-list that demonstrates that procedures and activities are carried out according to the appropriate laws and regulations. All employees working at Van Meer have an SCC certificate, and knowledge is regularly gauged and kept up-to-date at toolbox meetings.

LMRA    The Last Minute Risk Analysis is a general risk assessment that all our employees carry out before the start of the work. The absolute importance that we at Van Meer attach to safety is put into practice with the LMRA procedure.


Van Meer ensures Corporate Social Responsibility. We respect social aspects within the ecological parameters, independent of the economic aspect that characterises an organisation. This means we strive to operate in a social manner while taking account of the person and animal.

Besides our CSR policy, Van Meer also offers support as regards energy savings. We have various options and products to save large quantities of energy within your industrial processes. In this way we join with you in achieving your energy saving objectives.

Would you like more information about our quality or safety policy?

Rob van Meer

Manager QHSE

+31 (0)166 60 20 10 service@vanmeer.nl

Would you like more information about energy savings or regulations on high-efficiency and the environment?

Koen van Rijsbergen

Manager Rotating Equipment

+31 (0)166 60 20 10 service@vanmeer.nl


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