Dynamic balancing

Is there increasing vibration or imbalance in your fan or other rotating machine? We remedy this for you by dynamic balancing in our workplace or on location.

Vibration measurements

Imbalance can be identified in various rotating machines based on vibration measurements. For this, Van Meer has the necessary equipment to detect and rectify imbalance both on location or at the workplace.

Why balancing?

Rotating machines or installations that are not in balance cause vibrations and unnecessary wear. If you have your equipment correctly balanced you prevent these vibrations, and the working life of the installation is considerably lengthened.

Computer-controlled balancing machine

Van Meer possesses the expertise, knowledge, equipment and trained service engineers to balance rotating machine parts. Dynamic balancing takes place according to prescribed ISO standard 1940. Depending on the type of equipment the right balance class G6.3, G2.5 (and in special cases G1.0) is selected to ensure high quality balancing. We do this for components including impellers and shafts in pumps, electric motors, generators, fans, centrifuges, rollers, couplings, hammer mills and crushers, etc.

Schenck installation
Ø1.50 metres
Bed length 3 metres
Rötlinger installation
Ø2.60 metres
Bed length 6 metres

Dynamic balancing on location!

When it is difficult or not possible to disassemble equipment, Van Meer can also carry out balancing at the location itself. With our equipment and expertise we can, for example, balance the fan in a cooling tower as well as other rotating machines. This service results in higher quality and the sustainable preservation of the installation as it can be supplied in situ. The most important advantages are time savings, saving the costs of disassembly and reassembly of the equipment, along with the shortest possible production stop.

Is your drive affected by vibration? Dynamic balancing may well be the solution!


René de Groen

Project Coordinator

+31 (0)166 60 20 10 service@vanmeer.nl


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