Mechanical processes

Does your rotating machine need a mechanical adaptation or repair? We join with you in looking at the options.

Rotating equipment mechanical processes

Van Meer can carry out various mechanical processes on rotating equipment. These include the re-bushing of end plates in pumps, electric motors and reducing gear units. Spraying shafts by flame spraying is also one of our more common processes. Here we apply a coating to the shaft that consists of molten metallic or ceramic powder. With flame spraying the properties of the basic material such as hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion-resistance and insulation are improved. One can also opt to have the shaft welded on: the shaft is then first welded then turned back down to its tolerance.

Tolerances in conformity with manufacturer and Ex-specifications

Van Meer has thorough and accurate tolerance charts that the various manufacturers prescribe. When carrying out mechanical maintenance, we ensure that the equipment again suffices with regard to the set quality standards and can be reliably brought back into use.

Mechanical processes and machining techniques:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Commutator machining
  • Tapping
  • End plate re-bushing
  • Drilling
  • Shaft repairs/renewal
  • Welding
  • Base planing

Does your rotating machine need a mechanical adaptation or repairs? Do you think that your drive has a mechanical defect?


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