Rewinding and repairs

We have already been competently carrying out the winding of special electric motors, generators and pumps for 25 years!

Winding electric motors

Van Meer has the knowledge and ability to wind (special) electric motors, generators and pumps. Our winding department is responsible for the skilled repair of stators with considerably short turnaround times. Rewinding is a labour-intensive process characterised by a meticulous procedure to practically restore the equipment to its original condition. Efficiency is the only factor that deteriorates equipment. For this reason we always first provide advice to our customers about if and when it will be cost-effective to rewind a rotating machine.

The electrical repair of rotating machines from a TCO perspective

From the perspective of Total Cost of Ownership we must today look at the sustainability of the equipment and the installation: is rewinding electric motors to obtain a certain capacity always the best choice? We take account of the following factors here:

  • Depending on the type of equipment, does this involve a standard IEC electric motor or an electric motor or generator with differing sizing?
  • The turnaround time of a repair compared to the delivery period for a new rotating machine. Can a new motor, generator or pump be supplied from stock or is a longer production time involved?
  • The application and the related sizing of the electrical equipment.

Do you suspect that your drive is electrically defective? Do you want to consider whether winding would still be cost-effective?


Jan de Best

Project Coordinator

+31 (0)166 60 20 10


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