Siemens & Van Meer conclude technology partnership with Huisman

Siemens to supply the drives for Huisman installations over the coming five years. Last week Huisman concluded cooperation agreements with both Siemens and Van Meer. The technology partners will be trilaterally further developing their market position in the maritime and offshore sector.

The contract was signed at the Huisman Innovation Tower (HIT) on Huisman’s wharf in Schiedam. In this 90-metre tall test drilling tower Huisman develops, tests and demonstrates equipment and systems for drilling towers. The HIT is also used for training operators.

Safe and pioneering
Huisman is known worldwide as a supplier of safe and pioneering heavy construction installations. The most important products are cranes, offshore and onshore drilling gear and pipe laying systems. All engineering and the writing of the software take place in-house. Huisman supplies the installations on a turn-key basis with its co-operative ties with technology suppliers and system integrators.

Technology partnership
Following the signing of the contract, Siemens again becomes the ‘preferred supplier’ of drives for the Huisman installations in consultation with the customer. The drives have become more compact and more efficient in recent years. Siemens supplies standard drive cabinets, and system integrator Van Meer will be building the specials based on Siemens modules. The tripartite cooperation is a win-win situation for all parties concerned and an example of the technology partnerships that Siemens works for. Robert Lahr, Business Unit Manager OEM at Siemens: “We can gain competitive power by joining forces with partners in the long term. We are happy that an innovative company such as Huisman is also involved.” Pim van Os, Controller Process Industries and Drives at Siemens: “Open communication and short lines are important to make this cooperation a success. Combining the technical knowledge of the parties involved is also essential to secure the best solution for the customers.”

Icing on the cake
For system integrator Van Meer, signing the contract was ‘the icing on the cake’. The company with establishments in Antwerp and Tholen has already been building various panels for Huisman in recent years, as well as the panels for the HIT drive system. “We are also committed to long-term cooperation with our partners,” explains CEO Rob van Meer. “As a family concern we are also always in search of the best solution. We are particularly pleased to concretise this in a contract with Huisman. We see it as a mark of trust and will be working on the further transparent exchange of knowledge.”

New opportunities
Huisman selected the cooperating partners based on their knowledge, quality, service, efficiency, price and method of cooperating. CEO Joop Roodenburg talks of refreshing cooperation in a challenging market. “The supply and the prices in the offshore sector are low. New opportunities are arising again as the oil price increases. We have invested heavily in innovative technology in recent years. Our drilling towers are automated, so people are no longer needed on the drilling floor. Our systems are particularly envied in the deep water market. The potential lies particularly in semi-submersibles, the half-sinkable platforms. If we can secure more orders, our partners will also benefit from this. We can forge ahead with greater cost-efficiency with Siemens and Van Meer as partners.”

Successful pilot project
Huisman, Siemens and Van Meer have already successfully tested their cooperation in recent months. Huisman has built four identical cranes each with a hoisting capacity of 2,200 tons for two ships from OOS International in Serooskerke. The drive system for the first crane has already been completed and is currently being fitted. The other three cranes are then set to follow.


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