Everyone working at Van Meer must feel good and devote themselves to successful cooperation with our customers and suppliers – a good team is the key to success


Our people are our most important asset. Their knowledge and expertise ensure that projects are completed with the best quality and professionalism each and every day.

This is why we at Van Meer invest a great amount of time in the development and training of our service engineers to keep everyone up-to-date on new evolutions and innovations in the industrial maintenance market. Each employee has his or her own competence profile that is evaluated each year and motivates them to continue to develop at our company.

Furthermore, years of experience in the maintenance sector has resulted in a database of knowledge of various industrial machines, installations and applications.

The team is also guided in working in close cooperation with the customer. After all, the right investments in maintenance guarantee sustainable, reliable and high quality machinery.


Our engineers work day in day out at the workplace or outside in the field and come into contact with large mechanical and electrical equipment. This involves a certain safety risk which Van Meer does everything in its power to mitigate. Accordingly, all technicians are given SCC training, workplace inspections are organised, and an LMRA is always carried out before the work is started. The right PPE, equipment and tools are also provided to bring each project to a safe and professional conclusion.

Ergonomics and 5S

Besides a safe working environment, we see it as important to motivate our team and have them work in a pleasant working atmosphere. A 5S programme has also been in place at Van Meer for a number of years in which the technicians can independently suggest improvements.

We also organise monthly “motivation meetings” with discussions with the team on the values, mission and vision of our organisation in an informal atmosphere. Because we consider each individual at our company as equally valuable, we also take the opportunity to congratulate them on birthdays and other special occasions.


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