Van Meer builds drive system in record time!

Van Meer once again demonstrates the flexibility of the organisation. We came to the rescue of a customer by supplying a completely custom-made control cabinet in just four workdays.

On the Monday morning Van Meer was informed that a frequency converter at a waste materials terminal in West Brabant had fully burnt out. To reduce the costs of the rental unit the request was to build a new frequency converter into a modular Eldon cabinet as quickly as possible. On the very same day, a drives engineer proceeded to the site to examine the situation and establish the wishes and needs of the customer. It was then agreed that the newly constructed cabinet could be supplied on the Friday.

With this pledge as inspiration, our own engineering department immediately created the 3D drawings and 2D diagrams. Direct communication between Van Meer and the customer resulted in the approval of the drawings, and the cabinet with frequency converter could be supplied in less than five workdays.

The control cabinet could already be delivered on the Thursday thanks to the flexibility of Van Meer, the excellent communication with the customer, and the dedicated deployment of the engineers at the Drives department. This resulted in great satisfaction at our customer and obviously for the appropriate pride at Van Meer.


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