Van Meer supplies total package for centrifuge installation renewal

All services that Van Meer has to offer combined in one project. That is what we achieved at one of our customers. The delivery of new electric motors with custom-built control cabinets and complete on-site installation, both mechanical and electrical.

Our customer operating the food industry has different centrifuges at its factory, with four still working with antiquated DC motors and controllers. This has now all changed. All four were completely refurbished with the help of Van Meer.

Each centrifuge was given a new 250 kW IE3 High Efficiency electric motor to be controlled by the latest ABB ACS880 regenerative frequency converter with associated auxiliary cabinet. We took care of the assembly of the motors on site and brought the converters into operation at the company. This total package is exactly the added value that Van Meer offers: Rotating equipment, Drives and Field services in one partner.

ROTATING: 4 new motors
Each centrifuge is driven by a 250 kilowatt electric motor with forced cooling. Van Meer supplied five new IE3 High Efficiency motors to replace the older versions, with one as a spare motor.

An additional adaptation was required for the renewal of the motors. The shaft in the new motors is longer than the previous one. So Van Meer made lantern rings to bridge the longer distance between the centrifuge and the motor. The motors now consist of three parts: a lantern ring at the front, the motor itself and forced cooling at the back.


Photo 1: Our Rotating Engineers prepare the motors for assembly.

DRIVES: 8 new cabinets
The direct current controllers present today have proved their worth after approx. 25 years. Van Meer has now built eight new cabinets: 4 regenerative frequency converters with 4 auxiliary cabinets. The auxiliary cabinets were designed by our customer and we built them. Besides construction, Van Meer also took care of all engineering for the four converters.

The construction process for the frequency controllers and the auxiliary cabinets took approximately four weeks. During this period we invited the customer to regularly come along to follow progress. With these interim controls the turnaround time can be shortened and the ultimate final inspection or FAT (Final Acceptance Test) usually takes place faultlessly. The cabinets were subject to a loaded test at our new drive service centre before being transported to the customer.

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Photo 2: Drive engineers put the finishing touches to the assembly of the frequency converter cabinets.

FIELD: Two teams for installation and bringing into operation
Finally, two Van Meer field teams took responsibility for the installation of the motors and bringing the cabinets into operation.

The motors being vertically installed (V1 position) meant the cooling and lantern ring could only be assembled on the motor on location. This facilitated the hoisting work. A team of technicians from the customer disassembled the old motors. The Van Meer Rotating Engineers then took over assembly of the equipment.

As soon as the control cabinets had also been supplied, the technicians at our customer ensured the appropriate placement of the cabinets and the connection of the wiring. Once that had been completed, a second Van Meer field team arrived on-site to bring the cabinets into operation and test them. The connections were checked, and the cabinet was made live to check the operation of the components and set the parameters. Then the cabinets were subjected to a test run and accepted by the customer. Van Meer will now monitor the drives each year for cleaning and inspection purposes.


Photo 3: summary of the four centrifuges.

This cooperation is a nice example of what Van Meer can do for its customers as a partner in the realisation and support of complete drive processes.

It starts with clear arrangements that are converted into a flexible time and maintenance schedule that takes account of the desires of our customer with respect to processing times, materials, etc. A constant flow of information between both parties is the common thread throughout the whole process up to actual acceptance itself (and afterwards).

The result? The completed project revolves around user-friendliness, maintenance, quality and the standardisation of components and materials. With the service and support that we offer following completion, we also guarantee the reliability of the installation and sustainability in the longer term.

Van Meer thanks all the parties involved in enabling the publication of this article.


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