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Van Meer

Van Meer is a system integrator and service provider for electrical and mechanical drive systems in manufacturing, and the marine and offshore sectors. Our core business includes the engineering, installation, maintenance and management of electrical and mechanical installations throughout their entire life cycle.


We are experts in both electrical and mechanical drive systems meaning we deliver high quality complex projects. The commitment and flexibility of our people is our key to success, and at Van Meer, customer communication and consultation is crucial. Our services are tailored to our customers and offer the highest sense of security.

Founded in

A family

More than
100 FTE's

2 Locations

More than
Projects / year

Frequency IF = 0

Our mission

... is to help and support our customers. We focus on advising, collaborating and sustainably improving industrial processes and devices.


... is to develop new products and solutions that help our customers save energy and CO², benefit from more efficient systems, and reduce their carbon footprint.

... is to employ competent and experienced staff. Our company culture encourages openness and transparency, commitment and responsibility. Our team's main objective is to make sure your devices are working for you and to optimise devices so they are suitable for the future.

... is to establish long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, and to offer support for existing resources and new technological solutions, so that our customers can remain innovative, progressive and competitive within their industrial or maritime sectors.

Our vision

... is to become a global forward-looking service partner offering guidance and support for efficient maintenance and new assets within our core business. to be a system integrator with the best solutions for customer applications. to create value and continuously improve and innovate our services, so that customers benefit from the highest levels of service and value. to promote sustainable entrepreneurship and business successes. We strive to provide excellent quality and sustainable services and a safe, healthy and environmentally conscious environment within our own organisation and that of our customers.

Our team

All Van Meer employees should feel good about themselves and be committed to working happily with our customers and suppliers. After all, a top-notch team is the key to success.

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