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Drive equipment

Van Meer operates as a systems integrator for frequency controls, soft starters and spare parts for manufacturing, and the marine and offshore sectors. We consciously work with renowned brands to guarantee the highest quality and service levels for our customers.

Soft starters

Soft starters are used in the industry to save costs and energy. They extend the life of electric motors by enabling a gradual activation and lightening the mechanical stress placed on motors.

Looking for advice or a quotation on a new electric motor? Get in touch.

Frequency converters

Frequency inverters are used to control the speed of motors used to drive pumps and fans. This improves energy efficiency.

Looking for advice or a quotation on a new frequency converter? Get in touch.

Frequentie omvormers
Spare parts
Spare parts

As well as supplying new frequency converters and soft starters, we also provide spare parts and refurbished components, preventive maintenance kits, tools and start-up packages.

Looking for advice or a quotation for spare parts? Get in touch.

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