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drive equipment

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Inspections and Maintenance

Preventive monitoring and maintenance of soft starters and frequency controllers extends the service life of devices. It also significantly reduces the risk of failures and breakdowns.


Do you have a faulty frequency controller or soft starter? We can help you on site and at our Drive Service Centre.

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Electrical measurements

Our power analyzer performs AC grid measurements on the quality of the voltage and current (power quality). It also offers insights into harmonic distortion.

Upgrades & Retrofits

For when you just want to improve on what you already have and enhance performance.

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Infrared measurements

Thermographic measurements increase productivity and optimise fire safety in many manufacturing environments. These include power plants, transmission and distribution facilities, petrochemical plants, metal processing plants, paper mills and all other production processes.

Elektische metingen
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Van Meer offers service and support for your frequency controls and soft starters.

Installation and commissioning

Van Meer has the expertise and knowledge to install, commission and parameterise various types
and brands of frequency controllers and soft starters on site.

These include drives for air- and
water-cooled low-voltage applications.

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Installatie en inbedrijfstelling
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