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Rotating equipment

Van Meer offers services and support for your electric and mechanical rotating equipment.

Overhaul & repair

We offer a comprehensive overhaul of a wide range of rotating equipment, all under one roof. This includes different types and brands of pumps, electric motors, geared motors and fans.

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Dynamic Balancing

Are you experiencing increased vibrations or an imbalance in your fan or rotating equipment?

We offer dynamic balancing in our workshop or on-site.

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Mechanical operations

Van Meer offers customers a variety of mechanical processes for rotating equipment. Mechanical processing includes bearing shields bushings for pumps, electric motors and reduction gearboxes.

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It is extremely important to align the drive train of several rotary devices when a plant is brought back into operation. We have the necessary expertise and equipment to support you with this.


We have been professionally winding special electric motors, generators and pumps for 25 years!

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Electrical measurements (LV/HV)

The winding of an electric motor is the heart of the device. Therefore, ensuring it functions properly is vital. We carry out measurements to ensure device reliability and accessibility.

Vibration Measurements

In the changing world of maintenance, condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance is of increasing importance. Van Meer monitors equipment and provides prompt advice about maintenance recommendations.

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Infrared measurements

Thermographic readings increase productivity and optimise fire safety in many manufacturing environments. These include power plants, transmission and distribution facilities, petrochemical plants, metal processing plants, paper mills and all other production processes.

Installation and commissioning

In addition to servicing and repairs carried out in our workshop, we also offer fitting, installation and commissioning of rotary devices on-site. We offer this for both new products and reconditioned or repaired equipment.

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Revisie & reparatie
Dynamisch balanceren
Mechanische bewerkingen
Installatie en inbedrijfstelling
Infrarood metingen
Elektrische metingen
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