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Engineered solutions

Combination package Rotating, Drives & Field

At Van Meer you can manage your complete drive train. Whether it is an overall revision project, retrofit & upgrade or a completely new installation, Van Meer supports you from the engineering phase through the complete life cycle of the equipment. An important point of attention here is that the products that Van Meer advises and puts on the market can enjoy support, service and support at a later stage in the event of failure or calamity. The basic principle here is to unburden the customer during the entire life-cycle of his equipment or installation.

Project team and communication between the departments

In turnkey projects, the various departments always work together as one project team, with a single point of contact for the customer. The purpose of the consultation within this group is to streamline the actions and outstanding work points and to communicate with the customer by means of a single project leader. This has the advantage that the communication line is short and it is possible to respond flexibly and quickly to changes, changes, needs and needs. In this way, the project follow-up is completely transparent and this method ensures that the planning and delivery always falls within the agreed delivery period.

Workshop and on location

The advantage of both in-house to have the technical equipment, als at location the expertise and know-how of our people means that we as Van Meer can realize complete industrial projects in the field of rotating machines, electronic control cabinets, panel construction and drive systems.

Electrically and mechanically underpinned to Rotating, Drives & Field

Our engineers are both mechanically and electrically skilled and are deployed as a multidisciplinary team on your projects. The added value that this creates translates into an effective and qualitative delivery of your assignment. In addition, our various investments in tools, training, knowledge and expertise provide innovative solutions within our customer segments such as the industrial and maritime sector.

Do you need a mechanical repair on your rotating machine? You think your drive has a mechanical defect?
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