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Van Meer Signs a 5-year maintenance contract extension with PreZero.

Bergen Op Zoom, 13 April 2022 – Van Meer announced today the signing of a contract extension, regarding maintenance management and service, with PreZero, a waste disposal & recycling company. As part of the 5-year agreement, Van Meer will support PreZero’s goals by ensuring their equipment’s reliability and up-time by reducing their downtime.

The agreement incorporates that Van Meer and PreZero will work together on different maintenance challenges. Starting with predictive and preventive maintenance. Van Meer determines the condition of Prezero’s rotating equipment and frequency drives to predict when maintenance should be executed. This ensures that we can identify failures at an early stage and respond adequately in which maintenance can be scheduled. Combining algorithm-based and periodic planned maintenance, with regular condition monitoring, decreases the likelihood of downtimes and reactive maintenance. This approach promises cost and time savings.

The strength of this contract lies in the totality of the services provided.

Due to the combination of support in, disassembly, assembly, overhauls of rotating equipment, vibration measurements, preventive maintenance on Siemens frequency drives, and stock management, Van Meer guarantees 24/7 service, with direct communication via a SPOC and a quick response time.

Jelle Van Hooren, sales representative: “We believe it is important to have one single point of contact (SPOC) for our customers. This ensures an efficient process for planning, continuity, and evaluation. Which leads to less misunderstanding and complexity.

Van Meer was awarded the contract extension because of Van Meer’s expertise in rotating equipment, frequency drives, and high-level on-site support (field service)". “Malfunctions are rare, but if they occur time is of the essence to solve the problem fast and efficiently. We found this in the partnership with Van Meer. When the quality of the service is excellent, why would you want to change a winning team?” says Jurgen van der Westen, shutdown manager at PreZero.

About PreZero

With around 30,000 employees at over 430 locations in Europe and North America, PreZero is an international company in waste and recycling management. The company provides waste disposal, sorting, processing, and recycling services, combining all the expertise along the value chain under one roof. PreZero, therefore, positions itself as an innovation driver in the industry with the goal of creating a world in which resources are no longer wasted thanks to closed loops. Zero-waste, 100 percent reusable material.


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