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Today’s economic situation has led to extreme delivery times for new electric motors. Sometimes up to 36 weeks for standard low voltage motors! This can cause long downtimes in your production processes and an incredible amount of stress if you have an unforeseen malfunction or failure of your rotating equipment.

Van Meer can help you with fast delivery from our strategic stock! With 100+ variations of electric motors at our location in Tholen, we can offer you a wide range of power outputs (up to 160Kw and ATEX motors up to 37Kw), in different RPM’s, mounting positions and efficiency classes. If required we can modify the motor to your specifications. This way you will be operational in no time!

How can we assist you during breakdowns? Well, you simply contact Van Meer. Thanks to our 24/7 service, the electric motor can be delivered to your premises in less than 4 hours. Additionally, when you require technical support, our service team can install, align and commission your rotating equipment on site. Failed motors can be transported to our workshop for an inspection, revision or repair.


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