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Single and multi drives

Engineering control cabinet with frequency control or soft starter in Eplan

Electrical diagrams and drawing packages are custom designed by our own team of technical draftsmen. For this we use software packages such as Eplan Pro panel which often have a direct link or communication with programs that our customers use. In addition, this software also enables us to speed up the assembly process and to guarantee quality. In addition, it is an added value that all our designs of electrical panels and control systems are presented in a 3D layout. If you also design your installation in 3D, you can integrate this immediately. In this way, every detail of the control box can be seen and adjustments can be made or adapted already in the design phase.


The assembly of electrical panels and control cabinets is manufactured in-house by our own engineers. The investments in process optimization and advanced machinery, such as our Kiesling machine, ensure a high-quality end result in a considerably short lead time. In addition, our capacity of 1200 m² workshop and a 10-ton crane allows us to realize projects of such magnitude (meter/cabinet).

Modular and custom

Van Meer builds custom-made systems, according to a set construction procedure, which complies with the IEC-61439 standard, as well as the Belgian ARAI. This takes into account existing systems and infrastructure, to which new systems are tuned. The freedom in selecting parts and components from different brands also ensures standardization and integration with those existing systems.

Delivery control cabinets and electrical panels

Control cabinets and electrical panels are built with care and dedication, with accuracy, correctness and discipline being the most important qualities of our employees. Nevertheless, it is very important that these systems are tested before they leave for their final destination. In our workshop we have test facilities to test modules and panels under voltage. The necessary FAT inspections are carried out together with the customer and a notified body is called upon; being a Lloyd's, DNV-GL, AIB Vinçotte or other independent inspection body that will come to inspect the whole during the delivery phase.

Do you need a mechanical repair on your rotating machine? You think your drive has a mechanical defect?
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