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Electrical measurements


A power analyser allows us to measure voltage and current quality (power quality) on an AC grid.

Problems that can occur from poor power quality can lead to;

  • transformers and cables becoming hot due to non-symmetrical load or harmonic distortion.

  • flickering lights.

  • certain components malfunctioning because they cannot handle harmonic distortion, voltage spikes, voltage dips, transients or imbalances.

How does it work?

Voltage and current measurements are carried out by phase to gain insight into the quality of the voltage and current (the power quality). The analyser can also be used to verify when an installation meets the appropriate harmonic distortion standards.


After a reading, data is uploaded to specialised software, and graphs are generated, and a detailed analysis is made. Recommendations and suggested courses of action can then be made to improve the AC network quality.

Do you need to get a view of the electrical condition of your AC grid or detect harmonic contamination?
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