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Do you have a faulty frequency controller or soft starter? We can help you - both on site and at our Drive Service Centre

Emergency and breakdown services for soft starters and frequency converters

For emergency situations with soft starters, frequency controllers or control boxes, our drive engineers are on hand to inspect and rectify issues on site. Our engineers are available 24/7 via our emergency phone number. We will read the fault code on your device and review any other visual or measurable defects and decide on the appropriate course of action. We can replace faulty parts immediately. When repairs cannot be carried out on site, devices can be dismantled and repaired in our workshop.

Spare parts

We carry a stock of spare parts to offer rapid repairs for soft starters and frequency inverters. If the part you need is not available or a repair is no longer a responsible choice, we can offer a new inverter directly from our emergency stock.

Our drive engineers can support you with commissioning when delivering a new frequency inverter or soft starter.

Having trouble with your frequency converter or soft starter? We can help you repair or replace faulty parts quickly and flexibly.
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