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We have been offering winding services for special electric motors for more than 30 years!

Winding electric motor

Van Meer has the knowledge and expertise to wind special electric motors. Our winding department is responsible for the expert repair of stators. Rewinding is a labour-intensive process characterised by a precise procedure to restore equipment almost to its original condition. Efficiency is the only element which deteriorates in this type of equipment. For this reason, we always advise customers whether it is still profitable to rewind a rotary machine.

Electrical repair of rotating machines from a TCO perspective

These days, bearing in mind the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), equipment durability and installation, we have to weigh up whether rewinding electric motors to a certain power rating is always the best choice.

Therefore, we need to consider the factors below;

  • The type of equipment - will this be a standard IEC electric motor or an electric motor with abnormal dimensions?

  • The lead time of the repair in relation to the delivery time of a new electric motor. If the new motor is available from stock or if there is a long production lead time involved?



Do you suspect your equipment has an electrical fault? Would you like to weigh up whether rewinding is still profitable?
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