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Mechanical operations

Rotating equipment mechanical operations

Van Meer offers customers a variety of mechanical processes for rotating equipment. Mechanical processing includes bearing shield bushings for pumps, electric motors and reduction gearboxes. We also commonly carry out axle flame spraying for our customers. This process involves applying a coating to axles made of molten metal or ceramic powder. Flame spraying improves the properties of the base material, such as its toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation. We also offer axle welding, where an axle is first welded on and then the weld tolerance is reduced.

Manufacturer tolerances and ATEX specification

Van Meer works to comprehensive and accurate tolerance tables prescribed by various manufacturers. When carrying out mechanical maintenance work, we ensure that equipment is restored to prescribed quality standards, so that it can reliably go back into operation.

Mechanical processing and machining techniques:

  • Turning

  • Milling

  • Grinding off collectors

  • Draining

  • Shield bushing

  • Drilling

  • Repair/restoration of shafts

  • Welding

  • Mount levelling

Do you need a mechanical repair on your rotating machine? You think your drive has a mechanical defect?
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