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Preventive maintenance

Preventive monitoring and maintenance of soft starters and frequency controllers extends the service life of devices. It also significantly reduces the risk of failures and breakdowns.

A diverse range of frequency controllers and soft starters

Van Meer has the expertise and knowledge to perform preventive maintenance on a wide range of types and brands of frequency controllers and soft starters. These include drives for air- and water-cooled low-voltage applications.

Looking 10 years ahead with your drives

As a system integrator and service provider, we provide insight into the maintenance requirements of soft starters and frequency inverters. The preventive maintenance we implement will not only guarantee your device's accessibility. We'll also examine the remaining life cycle of the device and provide further insights into necessary maintenance investments. All of this for the minimum 10 years ahead.

Preventive maintenance plan for frequency controllers and soft starters

Different brands and types of inverters and soft starters are itemised before a preventive maintenance plan is drawn up. We then plan in an initial inspection and in-depth clean. This allows us to determine the frequency of maintenance required. We also coordinate which parts need preventive replacement during the device's lifecycle. This keeps machinery up-to-date and means higher maintenance efficiency and performance is achieved. In addition, a preventive maintenance plan reduces risk, lowers costs and increases device durability.

Preventive support in the workshop and on location

Preventive maintenance can often be carried out on site, saving vital time and costs. Our drive engineers have the necessary expertise and resources to service just about any frequency controller or soft starter on site. If drives come to our workshop for maintenance, they are load-tested before being put back into operation. This guarantees that devices will perform well in situ.

Looking for a preventive maintenance plan for your frequency converter or soft starter? Van Meer can help you draw up a multi-year plan and carry out maintenance for the optimum lifecycle. Need some more advice?
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