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Retrofit & Upgrades

For when you just want to improve on what you already have and enhance performance

The same housing, but with improved performance

In a manufacturing environment, changes in the production process or more stringently imposed process requirements often result in a change or replacement of frequency controls or entire drive systems. Van Meer can advise you when, economically speaking, it makes sense to update an old frequency-controlled installation, when to reuse parts, and when to use new original parts. In retrofit and modernisation projects such as these, cabling, electric motors, centrifuges and control cabinets often remain in use, while the frequency control or soft starter is often partially or completely overhauled.

Hardware and software update

Van Meer ensures that frequency controllers are equipped with the most up-to-date software and hardware to improve device performance. Upgrading frequency controllers maximises functionality and also extends the lifetime of the device. Additional benefits include reducing maintenance costs and increasing energy savings.

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Retrofit / Upgrades

Are you looking to replace or upgrade frequency controllers or soft starters that are limited or obsolete? Would you like to reuse existing housing?
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