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Professional test stand

Guaranteeing quality and guaranteeing reliability of the equipment is one of the most important aspects of Van Meer. That is why we have a professionally equipped test stand on which every machine is fully tested (without load) both upon arrival (intest) and dispatch (outtest). Our test stand is automated and has the capacity to test several electric motors simultaneously. Larger batches can therefore be processed and fully tested within a short lead time.

Test results and reporting

All results are then digitally recorded and sent to the end customer in the form of a test report containing both the electrical, mechanical and vibration tolerance values.

Measurements on our test field

The following measurements are performed as standard on low and high voltage machines:

  • mOhm measurement

  • Insulation resistance measurement 0-15kV

    • DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio) measurement

    • PI (Polarization Index) measurement

  • Surge test measurement 0-15kV

  • Vibration Measurements

In addition, additional measurements can optionally be performed on high-voltage machines:

  • Determining Dielectric Losses

  • Tangent Delta (determination of partial discharge)

  • Partial discharge measurement

Load Testing, Pressure and Leak Testing

Loaded test runs are also possible with the test stand. An electric motor is coupled to a generator which, by means of a frequency converter, is tested under load. Our test stand can load motors with a test voltage of up to 10kV. In addition, Van Meer can also perform pressure and leak tests on pump installations.

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Test field / Test stand

Do you doubt the efficiency of your drive? Or do you want to test your drive that has been in stock for a long time?
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