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It is extremely important to align the drive train of several rotary devices when a plant is brought back into operation. We have the necessary expertise and equipment to support you.

Why is alignment necessary?

To avoid increased wear and tear and vibration when coupling two devices, it is very important that both machines are precisely aligned. Even in flexible coupling, extreme precision is vital. Poor alignment negatively affects bearing life (cage failure), the clutch (rubbers) and seal wear, etc. Other effects are higher energy consumption, increased vibration and noise levels and a reduction in product quality.

Alignment Equipment

Van Meer uses high-precision laser equipment to ensure the alignment of couplings between electric motors and driven equipment (pumps) and to check straightness (gearbox), flatness (installation machine) and squareness (conveyor belts).

Belt alignment with belt tension gauge

With belt alignment, the correct belt tension can be determined using a belt tension gauge.

Professional alignment of machinery means the customer benefits from:

·    Increased bearing life

·    Reduced clutch wear

·    Reduced risk of seal leaks

·    Reduced energy consumption

·    Reduced noise and vibration

·    Extended machine service life

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We take care of the alignment of your drive train with our laser equipment!
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