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Overhauls & repairs


We offer a comprehensive overhaul of a wide range of rotating devices, all under one roof. This includes different types and brands of pumps, electric motors, reduction gearboxes and fans.

Overhaul pumps

When servicing pumps, we make sure the equipment undergoes a full inspection. The pump will (where possible) be tested upon receipt. This test indicates whether there is pre-existing evidence of damage such as faulty bearings, for example. The pump is then disassembled and visually inspected for damage or abnormalities. Other tests, such as a balance check and RUN-out of the pump shaft, can also be carried out. Mechanical repairs such as bushing, machining, welding and shaft welding are also possible. During an overhaul, we always replace parts subject to wear and tear, such as bearings and seals, preventively. We consult with the customer about the type of seals and bearings, meaning they are tailored to the function location and the product. At the final inspection, a pressure test (if possible) is carried out. This guarantees the quality of the pump repair before it is returned to the customer.

Electric motor overhaul

The servicing of electric motors is similar to that of a pump. Electrical tests (e.g. insulation resistance, surge test measurement; Ohmic measurement) of the winding status are important. After a test run, the electric motor is dismantled and the stator undergoes cleaning and drying. We then carry out visual inspections of the rotor, stator housing and components. We carry out a dimensional check of the mechanical shaft and bearing adjustments for tolerances in our ATEX-certified workshop. After assembly and replacement of any parts subject to heavy wear and tear, a final check guarantees the quality of the rotary device's service.

Preventive Maintenance on Rotating Machines

We advise that customers carry out preventive maintenance on rotating devices at a bare minimum, with the advice of additional proactive and predictive maintenance. Preventive maintenance increases device and plant reliability. This not only benefits production process availability, but also minimises unplanned downtime. Regular preventive maintenance also extends the life of equipment and facilities.

Reporting of all your Rotating equipment

We send out a digital test report after each repair or service. This report covers both electrical and mechanical aspects of the electric motor or pump, for example. All details are digitally documented and photos are sent for substantiation where necessary. We also provide a comprehensive and detailed report for Atex equipment.


Van Meer is ATEX certified for both electrical and mechanical EX drives according to IECEx03. For EX overhauls and repairs, we also hold ABB and SIEMENS certifications.

24h service from Van Meer

Our support team is available 24 hours, 365 days for emergencies, breakdowns or support. We also offer a transport service to collect and return equipment 24/7. We're flexible and work to plan arrangements efficiently.

Clear agreements, lead-times and customer requests

At Van Meer, we invest heavily in (lean) processes, allowing us to optimise lead times, and the quality and correct delivery of orders. These processes are recorded in our quality management system and include an option for individual customer requests.

We are transparent with customers ensuring that both parties are clear on the agreements made. We regularly schedule check-ins, and we evaluate customer relationships on an ongoing basis. During repairs, we openly communicate with customers on our findings (e. g. damage) and we always request customer approval, input or feedback. Therefore, customers know what to expect in advance and are able to make appropriate and cost-effective decisions when necessary.

Would you like more information on overhauls or do you need to repair your rotating equipment?
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