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Vibration Measurements

In the changing world of maintenance, condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance are of increasing importance. Van Meer monitors equipment and provides prompt advice about maintenance recommendations.

Condition monitoring

Industries and organisations strive for optimum uptime and production. To achieve this, high machine and device reliability and timely measures are required to minimise unexpected downtime. To help our customers with this, Van Meer provides a Field Services department with the necessary tools and techniques for condition monitoring. Based on periodic analyses, we monitor the condition of rotary devices and installations and draw up maintenance plans for customers.

Predictive Maintenance

Van Meer predictively monitors your rotary devices. Each rotating device features a unique vibration pattern. Therefore, a pattern analysis can provide a clear image of functioning and the condition of a new, existing or refurbished installation. This allows us to time required preventive maintenance and means we can schedule the appropriate measures required.

A measurement analysis can identify the following machine faults, among others;

  • Imbalances

  • Bearing damage

  • Damage to gears

  • Alignment issues

  • Coupling issues

  • Tolerances

  • Resonance

  • Belt issues

  • Electrical problems

Proactive advice and an efficient maintenance programme

Detailed advice can be worked out for each installation on the basis of measurements and trend analyses. Various rotating machines can therefore be monitored and based on the findings we then draw up an efficient maintenance program. The measurements are carried out in accordance with the imposed quality standard system ISO 18436.2.

The Van Meer maintenance program leads to:

  • Minimum downtime

  • Increased production and productivity of the machines and installations

  • More efficient repair and scheduled maintenance

  • Energy savings and reduced TCO

Do you want to enjoy less downtime, improve machine reliability, and closely monitor the condition of your machinery?
Van Meer offers condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance.
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