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Damen recognises Van Meer as the preferred supplier for drive systems and EES systems

Damen Shipyards has named Van Meer as the preferred supplier for DC drive systems and Energy Storage Systems (EES), solidifying their relationship with a five-year Framework Agreement. Van Meer will serve as the preferred supplier for Damen's Workboats division, specialising in the provision of Energy Storage Systems (EES), DC-switchboards, and DC-chargers.


This strategic move, with mutual endorsements from Martin de Bruijn, Managing Director of Damen Workboats, and Luc Van Meer, CEO of Van Meer BV, not only reaffirms their trust in Van Meer's capabilities but also underscores a shared commitment to sustainable maritime practices and the industry's pivot towards electrification.

Luc van Meer shared his optimism: “We are very pleased with the partnership with Damen. This agreement allows us to create innovative projects that will play a vital role in making the maritime industry more sustainable.”

With tighter global maritime regulations, Van Meer's technologies, particularly its EES system with LTO batteries, offer advantages in safety, energy storage capacity, and faster charging times, crucial for the demanding maritime environment.


To meet the growing demand for marine electrification solutions, Van Meer has embarked on an ambitious new construction project aimed at tripling their total production capacity. “As we strengthen our partnership with Damen, we are also expanding our horizons. The investment in a new facility is a strategic move to scale up our production capabilities in line with increasing demand for more sustainable propulsion systems.” says Luc van Meer.


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