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The Van Meer New Construction Project in Tholen: Sustainable Growth and Innovation on the Horizon

With an eye on the future, the company has started the realization of a state-of-the-art facility in Tholen, just a stone's throw from their current location. This new chapter promises not only to triple production capacity but also to usher in a new era in terms of service, innovation, and sustainability.

A Major Leap Forward in Space and Functionality

The new construction will surpass the current building by three times in both space and functionality. This provides the opportunity to serve customers even better and expand the range of services.

A notable feature of the new construction is the installation of cranes with an impressive combined capacity of 60 tons. This allows even the most extensive electric motors and pumps to be efficiently maintained and serviced.

Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness

One of the core aspects of this ambitious project is the strong commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness. The new building will be completely CO2-neutral, minimizing the ecological footprint. By integrating advanced technologies and energy-efficient systems, a standard is set for the industry, encouraging other companies to invest in green solutions and contribute to a more sustainable future.


The new building will be GPR-certified, aiming to achieve a score above 8.5. The GPR-building is a digital tool that assesses the sustainability of a building based on themes such as energy, environment, health, usability, and future value. This certificate confirms the commitment to sustainable building and the pursuit of environmentally friendly practices.

An Exceptional Future in Prospect

With the project planned to be completed by summer 2024, there is much anticipation for the opportunities the new facility will bring. It will not only offer customers better service but also create an ideal environment to further develop the expertise and skills of employees. There is a determined commitment to continue having a positive impact on the environment while strengthening the position in the industry.



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