Vibration measurements

In a changing world where maintenance is carried out differently, condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance are becoming increasingly common. Van Meer can monitor your machinery and offer advice on when maintenance is required in good time.

Condition monitoring

Industries and organisations always strive for optimal up-time and production. It is very important here for machines and installations to have high reliability, and that action is taken in good time to reduce unexpected stoppages to a minimum. To meet our customers’ needs in this respect, Van Meer has a Field Services department with the tools and technologies for condition monitoring. Based on periodic analyses we monitor the condition of rotating machines and installations and set out an appropriate maintenance programme for our customers.

Predictive maintenance

Van Meer can predictively monitor the condition of your rotating machines. Each rotating installation generates a unique vibration pattern. An analysis of the pattern can give a clear picture of the operation and condition of a new, existing or overhauled installation. Then the time of necessary preventive maintenance can be determined and we can plan appropriate action.

The analysis of these measurement can identify machine faults including;

Proactive advice and an efficient maintenance programme

Detailed advice can be developed based on measurements and trend analyses for each installation. Various Rotating machines can then be monitored before we draw up an efficient maintenance programme based on the findings. The measurements are conducted according to quality standard system ISO 18436.2.

The Van Meer maintenance programme results in:

  • Minimum stoppage times
  • Increased production and productivity of the machines and installations
  • More efficient repairs and planned maintenance
  • Energy savings and reduced TCO

Do want high up-time and reliability from your machinery? Do you want to closely follow the condition of your machinery? Van Meer offers solutions for condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Dion van der Klaauw

Manager Field Services

+31 (0)166 60 20 10


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