Overhauls of pumps, electric motors and rotating equipment

The full overhaul of your various rotating machines under one roof. Various types and makes of pumps, electric motors, reducing gear units and fans.

Pump overhauls

When overhauling different types and makes of pumps the equipment is subjected to a full inspection. The pump is subjected to a test (if possible) on receipt. This test must demonstrate whether there are already signs of damage such as worn bearings. Then the pump is disassembled and visually inspected for damage or defects. Processes such as wall thickness measurements, balance checks or pump shaft run-out checks can then also be carried out. Mechanical repairs such as re-bushing, machining, welding activities and shaft welding are also among the options. During an overhaul parts requiring maintenance such as bearings and seals are always preventatively replaced. The type of seal and bearing is always selected in consultation with the customer to make sure they are suitable for the place of operation and the relative product to be pumped. During the final inspection a pressure test is carried out (if possible) to demonstrate that the pump has undergone a high quality overhaul before being transported back to the customer.

Electric motor overhauls

The overhaul of various types of electric motors takes place similarly to the procedure for pump overhauls. Here electrical testing (e.g. insulation resistance, surge test; Ohm measurement, etc.) of the condition of the winding is an important aspect. After test running the electric motor is disassembled and the stator is subjected to a cleaning and drying cycle. Parts including the rotor and stator housing and are then visually inspected. An inspection of the dimensions of the mechanical shaft and bearing fits for their tolerances also takes place during an overhaul in our Ex-certified workplace. After the assembly and replacement of the parts requiring maintenance, a final inspection of the rotating machine in operation demonstrates the quality of the repairs.

Preventive maintenance on Rotating machines

Besides proactive and predictive maintenance, we also advise our customers to have a minimum of preventive maintenance carried out on their rotating equipment. Preventive maintenance increases the reliability of the machine and installation. This not only benefits the availability of the production process, it also ensures a minimum of unplanned stoppage time. Regularly carrying out preventive maintenance also lengthens the working life of the equipment and installation.

Quality management system for Rotating machines

The overhaul or repair of various low, medium and high voltage electric motors, pumps or other rotating equipment is carried out according to our quality management system and uses established procedures (ISO 9001: 2008.). Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and information on the various equipment and follow a well-defined overhaul process.

Clear arrangements, turnaround times and customer wishes

Van Meer Industrial Services invests heavily in its (lean) processes which contribute to the optimisation of the turnaround time, quality and prompt delivery of equipment. These processes are established in a quality management system along with room to accommodate personal customer wishes.

Transparent cooperation with the customer ensures clear arrangements. Consultation sessions are planned and cooperation is regularly evaluated. During each overhaul project there is open communication about (damage) observations of the equipment with approval, input or feedback requested from the customer. Then the customer knows what to expect beforehand, and the right and most cost-effective decision can always be taken in consultation.

Van Meer’s 24-hour service

The standby team is available 24 hours a day, 356 days a year in the event of incidents, failures or to provide the necessary support. We also have our own transport service that can collect and return equipment 24/7. This makes us flexible and allows us to efficiently coordinate our plans. You can also be assisted by our troubleshooting service.

Reporting on all your Rotating equipment

A digital test report is sent after each repair or overhaul. This report covers both the electrical and mechanical aspects of e.g. your electric motor, pump, motor reducer, gearbox, etc. The report includes three electrical inspections and one mechanical inspection as standard. All inspections are always documented and supported by photos where necessary. A thorough and detailed report is also supplied with ATEX equipment.

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Project Coordinator

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